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Maryam Ghoreishi is an independent artist, curator, and arts administrator based in Brooklyn. She received her B.F.A and M.F.A in Iran and her M.A in Visual Arts Administration from New York University. As an artist she participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Lebanon, Italy, England, Canada, and the U.S. She worked as a Project Manager for Asia Contemporary Art Week and organized Open Studios, in New York and FIELD MEETING Take 6: Thinking Collections, in Dubai. Most recently Ghoreishi curated Out of Sight, Beyond Touch, at the Center for Book Arts, New York, 2021. Other curated shows include Who Really Cares, Cathouse Proper, Brooklyn, 2019. She also co-curated Pop-up Exhibitions, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, 2019 and MAPPING OUT A FIELD, Zanbeel Art, Los Angeles, 2020. She was featured in Special Week of Shows-within-a-Show on Art at a Time Like This online platform in 2020. Currently, she works at Residency Unlimited as Program Manager.



Born in Mashhad, Iran

M.A. Visual Arts Administration, New York University, 2019

M.A. Painting, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 2009

B.A. Painting, Art University, Tehran, Iran, 2006  

Art Projects

FIELD MEETING Take 6: Thinking Collections, Dubai, UAE, 2019

—Introduced as the signature program of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) in 2014, FIELD MEETING is an exhibition in the form of a two-day forum, centered around the medium of lecture-performance.

Nowruzaneh (refers to the Persian New Year), 2013- 2017

—Organized by Chav Printmaking Studio in Tehran, Nowruzaneh is an annual miniprint international exhibition. The first Nowruzaneh was held in 2013, with 24 participant artists in Iran and it  was extended to other countries. The seventh Nowruzaneh was in collaboration with Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (CPC) and Milano Printmakers Associazione Culturale in Milan, Italy featured over 120 miniprints of 90 artists from Iran, Italy, and Chicago in seven cities in Iran, Italy, Norway, and the U.S.

Haft-Negah, Tehran, Iran, 2013

—Haft-Negah is an annual art fair organized by 7 leading galleries in Tehran and presented over 300 artists at Niavaran Cultural Center.



Painting, Nar Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009                                                                 


Collagism, The Museum Strathroy-Caradoc, Strathroy, Canada, 2016

Nowruzaneh, The Fifth Annual Miniprint Exhibition, Chav Studio, Tehran, Iran, 2015

Sense Not, No Nation - Art Gallery, Chicago, 2014

Art for Peace, Pasfarda Art & Cultural Exchange, Chicago, 2014   

First Annual of Printmaking Exchange, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2014                       

Sanati Museum Of Contemporary Art, Kerman, Iran, 2014                         

Aban Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2014                                                           

Nowruzaneh, The Fourth Annual Miniprint Exhibition , Chav studio, Tehran, Iran and Azarnour Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2013                                                                        

XLarge, Printmaking, Ehale Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013                                                   

Nowruzaneh,The Third Annual Miniprint Exhibition , Chav Studio, Tehran, Iran, Narvan Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, Tekyyeh Moavenolmolk, Kermanshah, Iran, Shahkar Gallery, kerman, Iran, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, and Castello Ducale, Toure Matjoure, Italy, 2013  

Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2012                                                                 

Printmaking Today, Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2012                         

Heart of Iran, State Capitol, California, 2012                                                           

Nowruzaneh, The Second Annual Miniprint Exhibition, Chav Studio, Tehran, Iran, 2012     Haft Negah Art Fair, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2012 

Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2011

Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2010                                                                   

66Gallery , Tehran, Iran, 2010                                                                           

The Running Horse Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon, 2010                                    

JTM Gallery, Paris, France, 2010

Kamalolmolk Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2008

Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2003     




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