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A group exhibition at The Bridge and Tunnel Gallery, New York, 2023

The Pleasure of Futile Cycles

A solo exhibition by Yasi Alipour, Twelve Gates Arts, Philadelphia, 2021


Out of Sight, Beyond Touch

A Group exhibition at the Center for Book Arts, New York, 2021

Books to see and Feel, A Review by Kate Silzer on Hyperallergic

Interview with Mark Paterson

Interview with Ramyar Vala

Art At A Time Like This

Catalog, published by the Center for Book Arts, 100 edition, 2021















Online group exhibition, co-curated with Rashmi Viswanathan, Zanbeel Art, Los Angeles, 2020


Who Really Cares

Screening at Cathouse Proper, New York,  2019




FIELD MEETING Take 6: Thinking Collections

Pop-up group exhibition, co-curated with Leeza Ahmady, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE, 2019

Photolog on OCULA

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